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Preparing for Your Cryo Session

If you’ve not experienced Cryotherapy before, you’re in for a treat.

Offering genuine Whole Body Cryotherapy, The Cryo Hub chamber is a Mecotech Cryo:One – a state-of-the-art electric chamber offering consistent temperatures of up to -85ºC to safely and consistently cool the body for the beneficial effects of the cold. In this chamber you are not restrained, are completely immersed (your head won’t be sticking out as you’ll find in a cryo-sauna) and you can freely move, including the ability to leave the chamber at any time should you wish.

What Should I Bring?

When you enter the chamber your extremities (hands, feet, ears) are protected with gloves, socks, slippers and headband/mask. These are provided for you but you are welcome to bring your own should you be more comfortable that way.

With your extremities protected, the best advice for the rest of what you wear is what you’d wear to the beach. For maximum effect in the chamber you will want to expose as much skin as possible. So wearing shorts or a swimsuit works well. Shorts and tops can be provided, but again, if you’re more comfortable wearing your own clothes, that’s absolutely fine.

What Happens Before I Go Into the Chamber?

When you arrive the operator will have reviewed your intake questionnaire and will double-check on any key questions to make sure the experience is optimal. For example, if you have indicated you are prone to having cold hands, then thicker gloves may be recommended.

If you haven’t been before, a quick overview of the chamber itself is next. Highlighting:

  • What it will feel like when you go in – a dry cold that isn’t shocking – unlike the experience of going into icy water.
  • Indicator lights within the chamber to provide you with a sense of how long you’ve been in and how long is left
  • To make clear that you can see out of the chamber whilst inside, and that you can leave the chamber at any point. You are NEVER restrained or locked inside.
  • A safety-check to ensure you have no moisture on your skin or the clothing you will wear into the chamber. This includes any oils such as those that may have come from a massage. It is vital you are completely dry before going into the chamber.

You will then change in privacy before your operator sets up your session. Sessions are set for between 180 and 300 seconds depending on your experience and tolerance.

Entering the Chamber

Once you are ready to go in, your operator will run through how to communicate with them.

If you have not experienced Cryotherapy before, they will sporadically give you a ‘thumbs up’ while you’re in the chamber for you to return just to show you’re ok. Your operator will be there the whole time for your safety.

You can choose the option of having a face mask to protect your airways – we recommend doing so.

Finally you can choose your music choice for the chamber.

When it’s time, your skin temperature will be taken and the door will be opened for you to enter the chamber.

Inside the Chamber

Once you’re inside the chamber you’ll be surprised at how ‘un-shocking’ the cold is. Even at such cold temperatures, it’s a ‘dry’ cold so the shock most people expect just doesn’t materialise. Instead the chamber will safely cool down the skin over the course of the session. The benefit of an electric chamber is a consistent temperature – gas cooled chambers can be erratic and the gas tends to sink where it’s cooler, meaning you get inconsistent levels of cooling across your body.

Can I Move?

Yes! As long as you don’t touch the sides of the chamber you can move around – for example if you were looking to help recovery for a knee injury you may want to carry out the exercises your physio has given you. Moving tends to cool you down even more as much like being in a cold bath, if you move you break any thermal layer that has built up around your skin. If you prefer to stand completely still and meditate – that’s absolutely fine too. The choice is yours.

Exiting the Chamber

Inside the chamber you’ll have a visual indicator showing how the session is progressing. You’ll also be able to see a visual display outside counting down.

When the session time is over, your operator will open the door and you can step out.

At this point your skin temperature will be taken again. This is important as to best access the benefits of the cold, we are looking to drop your skin temperature by >10ºC. Everyone is different so logging this information means any future sessions can be tailored to your needs.

You will rapidly start to warm up at this point. Once you’re changed you can wait in the comfortable waiting area to have a tea, coffee or water (if you wish) and after a few minutes your temperature is taken again to ensure you’re warming back up as expected.

At this point the initial effects of the session will start to be felt. A boost in energy as epinephrine (adrenaline) is released and shortly after, a pleasant elevated mood will start to be felt. This is just the start of the varied benefits of cold therapy but they’re the most immediately noticeable.

After that temperature check, you’re free to go. No need for showers, no shivering and just ready to get on with your day with a spring in your step.


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