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Our mission at The CryoHub is to make the power of the cold accessible to all.  The incredible power of Whole Body Cryotherapy can change lives.

So, we’ve put together our pricing to meet that promise – making our state-of-the-art Cryochamber as easy to access as possible.

We’ve also put in place two options for those who enjoy a regular session.

  1. Cryotherapy Packages – allowing you to bulk buy sessions at heavily discounted rates, which can be used whenever you like.  They do not expire.
  2. Cryotherapy Memberships – designed for those with a regular routine, these monthly memberships provide a set number of sessions depending on tier which need to be used within the month – and then renew each month.  If Cryo is a regular part of your routine – this is by far the most cost-effective way to access it in the UK

We also occasionally run special offers and offer special membership rates for clubs and societies.  Contact us for more details or to enquire.

Ready to book?  Simply head to our booking page to book online, or call our team.

Package/Membership FAQS can be found here.

Single Sessions