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My levels of fatigue have changed dramatically to having virtually none for the whole week, I no longer need a sleep every afternoon, the numbness and pins and needles have reduced significantly, as well as my legs don’t experience the transient weakness. My levels of fatigue have changed dramatically to having virtually none for the […]

“It always lifts my mood just when I need it, my life is very fast paced, and I am coping better than I previously would have done” Can you please describe the symptoms or condition you were feeling that led you to try Whole Body Cryotherapy?  How were they impacting you? Prior to starting Cryo I […]

In this case study, Ollie outlines how poor sleeping patterns had left him anxious and demotivated - falling behind with his A-levels and struggling to alleviate the symptoms. After a course of WBC, he found his mojo again.
Olga loved ice swimming but couldn't find the same experience in the UK. With WBC, she gets the same benefits and more...

The initial experience was fantastic, mood elevation and mental wellbeing were and still are great.  Then I noticed no pain (or a huge reduction in pain – which is not severe but can be nagging) in my left knee even with sudden or strange twisting movements.   Whole Body Cryotherapy – How it Helped to Manage Stuart’s […]

Mental health expert Ruth Cooper-Dickson undertook her own study to explore the benefits of Cryotherapy on her health and wellbeing.

“From being on crutches and reliant on medication to walking freely again and pain free – in 2 weeks. That’s the power of the cold” How Does Cryotherapy Support Rehabilitation from Injury? Cryotherapy has long been used as an adjunct therapy to support rehabilitation from various types of injury – be it soft tissue damage […]

Cryotherapy and Fibromyalgia This case study highlights how Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) can help fibromyalgia sufferers to ease their symptoms without the need for medication. It will cover: “The day of my first session was wonderful, I felt the warmth flowing through my body and walked out floating on air. It was like having a […]

WBC vs PBC – What’s the Deal? There are broadly two forms of cryotherapy where the body as a whole is cooled down: Both are sometimes confusingly called Whole Body Cryotherapy but there are some key differences.  This article aims to clear up the confusion. Cryotherapy is a treatment that involves exposing an individual’s body […]

Whole Body Cryotherapy and Weight Loss Can Whole Body Cryotherapy support weight loss and weight management? This is one of the most common questions around Cryotherapy.  That’s not surprising as it seems almost too good to be true.  Can a short 3-5 minute session in a Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) chamber really help to lose […]

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