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Cryotherapy as an Alternative to Ice Baths and Cold Water Swimming

Olga loved ice swimming but couldn't find the same experience in the UK. With WBC, she gets the same benefits and more...

I lost about 6 kg in 2 months , sleep much better and feel great! 

Olga used to enjoy the discipline of ice baths and cold water swimming, but found a more accessible alternative through the Cryohub’s WBC offering.

How Cryotherapy Provides a Year Round ‘Cold’ Boost – With Effects Like Weight Loss and Booster Energy Too.

Can you please describe what led you to try Whole Body Cryotherapy?

I was looking for alternatives to ice swimming as we obviously do not have cold enough winters in the uk. No major health issues, but could do with better sleep, struggled to lose weight. 

Why did you think Cryotherapy could help?

It is just such an amazing experience, your body is like waking up refreshed and toned! 

How did you find the initial experience? Were there any changes to your symptoms?

I lost about 6 kg in 2 months , sleep much better and feel great! 

(You can read about how Cryo can accelerate weight loss here)

Have you developed a routine which works for you?

For me weekly sessions work the best, to leave stress of the past week behind! 

What are the outcomes you’ve seen as part of your routine? Not just for your initial goals but any other effects?

It boosts my energy level and I feel great after the sessions 

Want to Give Whole Body Cryotherapy a Go?

Cryotherapy is a daunting prospect for many. So at The Cryo Hub we take one barrier to experiencing the power of the cold away, and offer the first session free. Find out exactly what the power of the cold can do for you…

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